About us

PPFU is a youth-focused organization that is compassionate towards the forgotten invest child, aiming to ensure children to live life in its fullest by ensuring

 Education For Life    Good Health    Care and participation in decisions that affect them

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PPFU has been operational for two years since 2017. PPFU commenced operations in Uganda in April of 2017 to reawaken the spirit of quality education through debate and speech. PPFU identified an urgent need to equip teachers and students with relevant and practical skills in communication to improve the quality of education in schools.

PPFU has its head office in Kampala (the capital city of Uganda). We operate in four regions namely: Western Uganda, Central, Northern and Eastern Uganda, which accounts for approximately 80 per cent of the total annual budget. PPFU implements programmes that address immediate humanitarian needs of vulnerable communities while building longer term resilience and adaptation through recovery interventions.

Our interventions are in, Education, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), and sustainable livelihoods. PPFU also provides consultancy in running Educational Programs to organisations such as Uganda Olympics Committee, Campus Bee, Hive Digital Limited.

Empowering every child, to achieve their full potential.

To contribute to the well-being of 50,000 invisible children of Uganda by 2022.

Join us today and let's build a better Uganda together